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Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

What are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)  Essential Oils?  How do they provide benefits to your health and well-being? How do you use them? I hope to answer these three very important questions in this blog so that you can gain a basic understanding and feel somewhat more equipped with information and knowledge around the subject.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oil is the volatile (a substance that evaporates and is soluble when mixed with other oils and fats) product derived from plants, tree resin, petals, herbs and the rind of fruits. The way in which the oils are extracted and bottled maintains the natural aroma and taste – thus being labelled ‘essentially’ the same as the source they have been extracted from.

The oils themselves contain natural chemicals. Some of the chemical compounds found in plants are those that are replicated in pharmaceutical synthetic drugs and day to day products sold in retail outlets. However, laboratory engineered chemical compounds do not match the 100% purity and therapeutic benefit of the natural oil.

Not all plant oils are safe, some are poisonous and can cause great harm to humans, these oils are not sold as CPTG essential oils and should not be used in any form.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils have been stringently tested for their therapeutic qualities, most of which can be ingested. They are NOT comparable to Aromatic oils sold for their fragrance or oils used in general Aromatherapy massage or other types of massage. Low quality oils that are not certified should not be taken internally and do not have the same quality and purity of CPTG oils.

The naturally produced chemicals protect plants, trees and flowers from viruses and threats in their habitat. The aroma they release is primarily used as a defense mechanism or to attract insects to them, so that the seeds are spread and reproduced. It is natures way of producing, protecting and prolonging the plants structure and life cycle.

The same benefits can be derived when we use the oils. The genetic make up of certain oils offer the following attributes and effects:

It is actually quite remarkable when you stop to think about how much an oil can do for the human body.

Benefits of using CPTG Essential Oils.

By using CPTG Essential Oils, you are providing your whole body with a natural source of goodness and nourishment. The oils stimulate the skin, systems and internal organs of the human body in such a way that improves cell function and activity in the same way as synthetic drugs are designed to. The main difference being, with CPTG oils you are not absorbing synthetically generated chemicals that cause side effects after long term use or can lead to other weaknesses and the need for further treatment.

The aroma therapeutic effect has a direct impact on the brains nervous system and master glands that send signals to the hormone producing elements of the body. The way a fragrance can effect mood and have a relaxation or re-energising effect can be seen in the well known oils such as Lavender and Peppermint.

As part of a holistic approach to well-being, the oils are not only a joy to apply, inhale and use, the benefits can be seen and felt instantly. They are safe to use on babies and on the elderly, providing they are diluted to the recommended measures with a carrier oil and all contraindications have been addressed and avoided.

How to use Essential Oils?

There are three ways to use and obtain the benefit of CPTG Essential Oils:

  1. Topically – apply to the skin as a pure oil or diluted with a carrier oil.
  2. Inhalation – either by way of adding to hot water and steaming, or via a diffuser. This allows the particles of the oil to be dispersed and dissolved into the atmosphere. The oils help to rid the environment of bacteria and has a purifying effect. With this method of aromatic inhalation the oils reach the limbic system through the nose which is connected to mood and emotion and memory.
  3. Ingestion – taken orally in water or in a capsule.

Depending on the goal to be reached, the frequency and amount of oil used can be modified. When facing the unwanted niggley feeling of a sore throat, the oil Melaleuca (Tea Tree) can be used topically to the throat, gargled with in water and rubbed into the soles of the feet. All aimed at helping the immune system fight a virus.

In the case of improving the digestive system and have a detoxing effect, one or two drops of Lemon oil can be taken on a daily basis and added to drinking water and consumed throughout the day.

When you incur a sprain or muscular pain, a ‘blend’ of CPTG oils  can be used and applied directly to the skin and massaged in with the use of a carrier oil, as often as needed.

As mentioned above some synthetic drugs are modeled on the therapeutic properties of oils, therefore the oils themselves have a similar impact as prescribed medication. Certain oils aid the lowering of blood pressure, effect sugar levels, promote blood thinning and act as an anti-depressant. Therefore caution must be taken and contraindications of using certain oils must be looked at prior to usage.

Why doTERRA?

The main reason why I was drawn to doTERRA was the holistic approach they have and the ethical vision they hold. Their vision is based on sharing the therapeutic benefits of the oils and to promote health and well-being with the solid foundation of helping people. The board of directors are from the background of science and natural medicine, physicians and medical practitioners.

They source the oils worldwide and work on a initiative called Co-impact sourcing, whereby they invest in the communities to help them become self sufficient and sustainable, by building schools, water sources and other essential amenities.

doTERRA pay particular attention to sourcing the plants and flowers from around the world to ensure the highest therapeutic quality as well as ensuring they are harvested in the ideal conditions, seasons and climates to produce the most potent and purest quality.

The 3rd party testing to ensure the CPTG is one of the best in the field and goes through many stages before the oils are sent for distribution.

The ability to find out where and what is contained in the bottle of oil that is in your hand, cements the purity of the product

DoTERRA are the largest Pure Essential Oil company in the market today.

As a doTERRA wellness advocate and a Holistic Therapist,  I would take your full medical history to ensure the oils that you are drawn to would not be counter productive and that you are aware of the relationship they would have to your own current medication.

*If you are suffering from a medically diagnosed condition and under the care of a GP, you must consult with your GP if you are considering using oils alongside your prescribed drugs.

I hope that this has given you some insight into the world of doTERRA and CPTG Essential Oils. Please do not hesitate to contact me to learn more about the oils, how they can be of benefit to you and how to purchase them.  

Please visit my dōTERRA website or any of the other links below and email me or call to Get ready to feel good and fit for life!



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