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Reflexology, Massage and Foot Health Treatments in Leighton Buzzard & Reflexology and Foot Health Treatments at St Judes Clinic, Leighton Buzzard. 

Rainbow Therapies prides itself on giving 100% client satisfaction. The treatments of Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Foot Health Treatments and Swedish Massage are tailored to each individuals needs, with a view to leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and balanced.  As a mobile therapist I come to your home, all you need is a quiet room and a low backed chair, then sit back and relax.

We now offer Foot Health Treatments giving you a complete foot care MOT.  Looking after your feet should be a vital part of health management. Discomfort in the foot can lead to referred neck, back and shoulder pain, causing your posture to become misaligned, regular visits to Rainbow Therapies can keep these issues at bay!

If you suffer from: Back Pain, Digestive Problems, Migraines, Muscle Pain, Sciatica, Plantar Faciitis, IBS, PMS, Infertility, Neck Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Edema, Insomnia, Hard Skin, Calluses, Veruccas, Cracked Heels, Fungal Nail,  –  Book an appointment today where you could gain relief and de-stress.

Top 10 Reflexology and Massage benefits:

  • The first and foremost is ‘human touch’. The simple act of hand to skin massage has a calming, comforting and a deeply relaxing effect.
  • When the mind and body simultaneously enter a deeper state of relaxation, the body’s immune system begins to work more efficiently.
  • Reflexology massage instigates a detoxifying effect by stimulating circulation, which activates the lymphatic system.
  • The deeper state of relaxation provides space for a person to release emotional stress in a safe environment.
  • Hormone imbalances can be addressed when the Pituitary reflex point is worked, activating the gland which sends signals to the endocrine system.
  • Muscles and nerve pain can be reduced when the improved circulation of oxygen and blood prompts repair where needed.
  • Swelling in the lower limbs, ankles and feet caused by oedema can be reduced and discomfort relieved.
  • Treatments invoke improved sleep.
  • Reflexology massage can leave you feeling: relaxed, calmer, de-stressed, rejuvenated, uplifted and positive!
  • A tranquil treatment to receive in your own home or in a clinic.


Holistic living and healthy well-being is my priority. I have now found another way to incorporate this into my daily life, with the help of dōTERRA 100% pure essential oil products.  These products help me and my family to feel cleansed on the inside every day in every way!  Visit my website at www.mydoterra.com/rainbowtherapies to start your own journey with these amazing products.


Rainbow Therapies operates in Leighton Buzzard, St Judes Clinic, Linslade, Wing, Houghton Regis, Milton Keynes, Woburn, Hockliffe, Dunstable. 

For Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Foot Health Treatments and Swedish Massage

Get in touch and get ready to feel good and fit for life!’



Reflexology works on the basis that there are reflex points on the hands and feet that link to organs and systems of the body.

Applying massage techniques to these reflex points helps strengthen the immune system and de-stress the mind and body.


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is used to promote general well-being for both men and women for centuries.

The techniques and aims have evolved in the western world to incorporate holistic massage to the face, neck, shoulders and scalp.


Swedish Massage

Full Body / Neck, Back & Shoulders

Ladies Only

This classic massage technique promotes relaxation and well-being as well as helping to reduce pain and joint stiffness


Foot Health Treatments

For those unable to reach their toes! This is an essential treatment to have on a monthly basis to keep the feet in a healthy condition.

Improving: nail shape and thickness, hard skin and callus reducation and corn removal. We treat conditions that are painful and reoccur, offer advice on foot care, hygiene, orthotics and biomechanics.


Pamper Parties

A great way to try out our treatments for the first time and share the experience with friends.


Corporate Treatments

Discover the value of offering regular relaxation and stress-reducing treatment sessions in the office to improve staff well-being and productivity.


Rainbow Therapies currently operates within a 10 mile radius of the LU7 postcode including Leighton Buzzard, Linslade, Wing, Milton Keynes, Woburn, Hockliffe and Dunstable

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